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Tart volume 1 was a comic I reviewed last year from writer Kevin Joseph and artist Ludovic Salle, I even went as far as to say that this was my favourite creator owned independent comic of last year on my appearance on “An Elegant Weapon” podcast. The book is brilliant I cannot recommend enough that you go speak to Kevin or the publisher WTFlux comics. I recently was lucky enough to look at the next instalment of Tart.

The story picks up directly from the last issue, with the girls of the demon battling team, as they are about to embark on training for their next mission. Both Tart and Gloom are teleported to a beach with Lemon La Morgue to a desert island where they commence their training. Only little do they know this is more than they ever imagined it could be. This also removes the girls from the HQ where their boss goes on her own mission.

Kevin Joseph has once again written an issue of this story that is a great beginning to the next volume of his story. Giving us the main character driven story, while also involving us in all the other cast of this comic, with the identities of the supporting members of the group becoming more apparent, while keeping the story with the main focus moving.

Ludovic Salle on art once more is the perfect choice for this comic. Ludo has a very old school style of drawing the female form. His costume and character design is very much believable, costumes are not all body hugging show as much flesh as possible. The women all wear bikinis at the beach, and everyday clothes while meeting each other. This only emphasises the costume changes for battle as and when they are used. I am not sure if this is a joint decision between Kevin and Ludo but it is well done.

The book on a whole, just makes me sure that this is an independent comic of the highest level, both art and story flow brilliantly together. My signed copy of issue 1 has taken pride of place on my wall (thanks Kevin) I need at some point to get my hands on a hard copy of volume 1.

You can contact Kevin Joseph on his twitter account @bnokj, and Ludovic Salle on his twitter account @hellstrawberry, and also please visit the Tart website –

You can also get your hands on Tart volume 1 and pre-order issue 4 at –


Im recently also informed that, if like you are in the uk and want a hard copy of Tart vol.1 or want to preorder issue 4, you can do at As ever please share, comment, and come and chat more to me about any of my reviews, or posts, or just come and chat with me on @jaybwebb on twitter


Tart vol.1

Posted: 24/08/2012 in Review/Preview
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I was sent Tart by Kevin Joseph who is the co-creator of the book along with artist Ludovic Salle. The book is published on What the Flux comics, and is available right now via
The book is a collection of the first 3 issues of Tart. It follows a young lady called Tart. She travels through many different times and places on earth, and also in the demonic underworld. Where she fights off whatever may stand in the way of her getting the result she needs to complete her mission. We follow her at first on a mission to save a young boy who has been missing for a couple of days. Only her mission takes her way beyond the usual realms of earth and into the demon forest via the Trenchies. A supernatural creature we learn about for a brief time at least. This is where we get to see the flip side of the personality of Tart and how she goes about her business, and the lengths she has to go to, in order to get her mission complete.

The story also leads us back to a snowy French Rivera on her next mission. Only this one is a bit more complicated, as our heroine quickly learns, not only from avalanches but from savage cave children with no means of communicating. We learn more about the character, and more specifically about her abilities, and just what exactly she does when she arrives on a new part of earth. She helps out a family, and believes she is on her way. Only then does she learn that this is not her mission, and she has other business there.

The writing in this book is very well done. Kevin Joseph has a real passion for his creation, and that shines through on this story. You feel every emotion as you follow the lead character through her progression, and then right at the end he takes everything you feel when you come to the end, and throws it all back up into the air, with the reveal of the next issue. Believe me once you have read the first 3 issues that are collected in this book, you will just want more and more.

The art by Ludavic Salle is amazing, really helps the comic to stand out from anything else I’ve read for a long time. I couldn’t believe the art when I opened the book. The opening pages just transport you to a whole new experience of reading comics. Really helps you to get a feel for the passion that has gone into this book from both writer and artist.

This book stands out to me as something that you could pass on to a family member of a friend that doesn’t read comics or graphic novels, and they would thank you for showing them this book, As long as they are adults, of course.
I really like this book. Kevin (and Larry) I really appreciate you sending me this.

You can contact Kevin via his twitter page, and also can visit the official tart website at

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