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Tart vol.1

Posted: 24/08/2012 in Review/Preview
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I was sent Tart by Kevin Joseph who is the co-creator of the book along with artist Ludovic Salle. The book is published on What the Flux comics, and is available right now via
The book is a collection of the first 3 issues of Tart. It follows a young lady called Tart. She travels through many different times and places on earth, and also in the demonic underworld. Where she fights off whatever may stand in the way of her getting the result she needs to complete her mission. We follow her at first on a mission to save a young boy who has been missing for a couple of days. Only her mission takes her way beyond the usual realms of earth and into the demon forest via the Trenchies. A supernatural creature we learn about for a brief time at least. This is where we get to see the flip side of the personality of Tart and how she goes about her business, and the lengths she has to go to, in order to get her mission complete.

The story also leads us back to a snowy French Rivera on her next mission. Only this one is a bit more complicated, as our heroine quickly learns, not only from avalanches but from savage cave children with no means of communicating. We learn more about the character, and more specifically about her abilities, and just what exactly she does when she arrives on a new part of earth. She helps out a family, and believes she is on her way. Only then does she learn that this is not her mission, and she has other business there.

The writing in this book is very well done. Kevin Joseph has a real passion for his creation, and that shines through on this story. You feel every emotion as you follow the lead character through her progression, and then right at the end he takes everything you feel when you come to the end, and throws it all back up into the air, with the reveal of the next issue. Believe me once you have read the first 3 issues that are collected in this book, you will just want more and more.

The art by Ludavic Salle is amazing, really helps the comic to stand out from anything else I’ve read for a long time. I couldn’t believe the art when I opened the book. The opening pages just transport you to a whole new experience of reading comics. Really helps you to get a feel for the passion that has gone into this book from both writer and artist.

This book stands out to me as something that you could pass on to a family member of a friend that doesn’t read comics or graphic novels, and they would thank you for showing them this book, As long as they are adults, of course.
I really like this book. Kevin (and Larry) I really appreciate you sending me this.

You can contact Kevin via his twitter page, and also can visit the official tart website at

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Complex #2

Posted: 22/08/2012 in Review/Preview
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Here is my first guest spot on my blog. My friend Jorge Ayau was such a fan of the first issue of Complex issue one that I reviewed on my blog. I thought this may be a good time to have my First guest spot. So I spoke to Michael Malkin and he agreed to send over issue 2 to Jorge, and here is his review.

“Written by Michael Malkin AKA @impulsiveideas and drawn by Kay. First of all let me start by saying that if you haven´t read Complex #01 Review you should probably start here. Now that I´ve gotten that out the way I can start this review.

As you may have read in the previous review things just aren´t what they seem in this complex world. We start with the main character Zachary and some kind of experiment. Now I don´t really want to spoil something but this type of comic just gets into your skin and mind, you are constantly trying to put everything together and why all the actions happening are occurring. As you may have guessed you are in for a surprise. On this issue we get to meet two new characters and start to figure out a little about this world.

Kays Art is top notch the thick lines and black and white tones gives this a very claustrophobic feeling which sets the tone perfectly for the story. Michael Malkin’s has done it again, making you want to read again to see if you missed a clue, because the story is set up like a puzzle, with very subtle hints of things that might happen, but we´ll just have to wait and see where all of this is going. I´m sure as hell going to see what is happening in this Complex world.

I´d like to thank Jay for the opportunity for letting me be a guest at his blog and Michael Malkin for being kind enough to give us a copy of the comic before it is released on Comixology. So there you go, just go buy it. If you haven´t read issue one you can preview it or you can buy it (first issue is 59 pages long, so if you want to start with this series now is the time) I can assure you, you´ll be hooked and left wondering what is stored in the future for this grand scheme.

Read comics, eat well and do extreme sports, peace out.

Let us know what you think, you can reply on the blog or contact us directly at our twitter accounts @Jaybwebb @xamuzaran we can chat, get to know you or simply read my random tweets, see ya later.”

I really appreciate your time Jorge, and being my first guest spot on my blog. For the record I really liked issue 2 of this comic too, and it really is turning out to be an amazing find. My issue 3 review will be out closer to the release date, however until then everyone should go out and get complex #1 on comixology. To catch up for the impending release of issue 2 this weekend.

Michael I thank you for sharing your creation with us, I’m sure I speak for both of us when I say we are both amazed by this story. I can’t wait to see where the story goes, and I would love to gradually review the full series. Thanks again.

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Posted: 14/08/2012 in Review/Preview
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Well I don’t know where to start with this one. Complex is a comic that has never been brought to my attention before, however I noticed the free preview available on comixology and was intrigued. I downloaded it, but never got round to reading it. That is until I was noticed that the creator/writer Michael Malkin put out a tweet about his creation. We exchanged emails and he sent me issue 1 and 2 to read, so I’m writing this with the advantage of being ahead of the times. I also want to be very brief with my explanation of the story, because I really want to encourage everyone to take the time to read this comic. It’s truly is a great story, with brilliant writing, and amazing art.

The story take place in a small place, called “Towne”. We are introduced to a few characters, and all seems to be very normal…at first. We slowly begin to learn that all is not as it seems, and that some of the residents are being held against their will, only they don’t know it. This opens you up to a huge research operation taking place with director Jason Sinclair a the helm. We begin to discover that other than the people being held, most of the people in “Towne” are part of the conspiracy. We begin to see that not only are people being drugged to keep them docile, and to make sure they never remember the truth, they are being forced into believing the lies they are being told about their life’s. Only with the discovery of his “Wife” trying to drug him, does one of the main characters Zach begin to piece together his life, and filling in the blanks that cloud his memory. Then he begins to plan his escape.

Michael Malkin has created a brilliantly complexed story, that at times you may find hard to follow, but honestly once you finish this huge 59 page first issue, things will make sense. On reading this issue I felt I had a lot to process. When I got to the end of the issue however, I realised that actually a lot of info has been withheld from the story and actually it’s just my mind trying to fill in the gaps that makes it feel like there is a lot in this book. it’s a brilliantly written comic that makes you think a lot, but doesn’t actually give you a lot to think about, it just creates that illusion, which makes it such an amazing first outing for this series.

The artist is simply known as Kay, someone that I don’t know a lot about. However this is a brilliant collaboration, and the art is so amazingly dark and eerie that it only adds to the brilliant writing. It’s all black and white, but you really get a sense of the place your transported to, and really shows the docile drugged feeling the characters are suffering at the hands of the research group.

To sum up, this book truly is a perfect combination between both artist and writer, that gives you a lot to process, but not really. It’s just a brilliantly original story, or at least To me it is, that takes you on a journey through a dark and creepy inner workings of an organisation, and just what they might be capable of. I am so glad I got the chance to read before it passed me by completely. Michael I thank you for sending me your creation and I hope my words can help to generate interest for this comic. You will honestly regret not picking up this book.

You can pick up issue 1 on comixology now, and even if your not sure you can download the free preview.

You can get more info on this comic by visiting the Alterna comics and also visiting the Complex

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When I was a kid, he-man and the masters of the universe was the single biggest thing in my life. I always had a sword down my back, and always watched the cartoons. So of course when issue 1 of a new DC comics series of He-man came through the post, I couldn’t contain my inner child.

We begin the issue in a dream, and talk of great power, and great battle between good and evil. Then we come back to the forest of Eternia, where Adam is going about his daily activities as a woodsman. We learn that when he isn’t chopping down trees and such he is a carer for his farther. When he returns to his duties, he is distracted by a bird, who although he hasn’t seen this bird before he knew its name as if it told him himself. After more dreams, Adam has an epiphany and realises he should go away and search for powers of which he dreams.

Only things aren’t what they seem, and we are quickly introduced to the villain of the issue Beastman. Who knows all about Adam and his journey, and has been sent to stop him. This brings out things in Adam that he doesn’t realise are there. After the battle, Adam continues on his journey. This then brings us to a throne room filled with all the evil you could imagine, including the dreaded Skeletor.

This book was always going to have to do a lot to impress fans like myself. The writing by James Robinson may not be to everyone’s liking. However I feel like this was a great method to use as he gives you just enough to keep you wanting more, but not too much to throw out the whole story very quickly. Although it may seem slow to take off, it just makes me more intrigued as to where the story will go in the following issues.

Art by Philip Tan is good, on the few pages we actually get to see He-man and the other heroes and villains of the story have a huge magical feeling to them like they are going to jump off the page. On the pages in between have a completely different feel to them, like its two different books but all wrapped up in an awesome first issue. Although it may not be to everyone’s taste, this is a great introduction back into Eternia and the magical world of my childhood hero.

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I have been sent there comics by Larry Jarrell of  What The flux comics a few days ago. I want to review all the books he sent me, but I will start at the beginning.



As Red Angel begins your are thrown straight into a scene full of amazing art, with ships, and huge machines, with huger guns. This page includes an introduction to the sort of time you are being brought into. The story begins telling you of a twenty-five year world-wide machine war, which has now ended. The remaining countries have all signed a treaty to cease the production of their battle robots, and to live in harmony created, and enforced by the global transmospheric trading company. The GTTC deal in all trades world-wide, and also deal with any people who may not see the world-wide peace as a good thing and continue to develop new and more deadly machines. These are known as pirates and the Red Angel is the GTTC’s leading team in taking out the threats, and enforcing the laws.


This then brings us to the Red Angel, and it’s crew with Captain Victoria Angel, Gunner Marcus Broadside, First mate 2458 (who is also a robot), Navigator Jovian Polaris, and Engineer Bridget Angel. The crews are going about their business, when they come across a band of pirates using a machine to terrorise a village. Our heroes swing into action to eliminate the threat, and bring the pirates to justice….



Our heroes take the fight to their opponents, also the Captain and her Gunner have left the rest of the crew on board, to go down and take out the machine that is crushing the village below. The whole team proves to be very well equipped to do their job, and take down the pirates, and keep them alive for interrogation, while the Captain and Marcus take out the machine. Which then introduces into the story that the crew of the Red Angel are being paid for their protection services. Which then starts to bring in questions of morals and reasoning, and throws the whole story back into the air, the only thing your certain of is that Captain Victoria and her crew are very good at their jobs.




The crew and Captain arrive back onboard the ship and begin trying to get answers from their newly acquired prisoners, we get a small introduction to the crew they captured, and also a small part of the crimes committed against the GTTC. We however follow Captain Victoria as she takes the pirate captain to her quarters to offer him a deal, and a drink. However the answers she gets from the man, aren’t the ones she wants, and this brings the issue to an ending that is so intriguing that it makes you want to carry on to the next issue immediately.



This comic when I first opened it was very different to anything I usually read, however after reading it, I am completely into this story. Written by one of the co-Creators Erin Pyne, Red Angel is a story that both herself and her Co-Creating partner Larry Jarrell are very passionate about, and that comes through with every single panel. Heavily influence by the whole steam punk movement, it is laced throughout this book, and honestly adds to the feeling that you are taking part in an epic swashbuckling story. Erin has written a great story although very futuristic in style, is set in the past.
The art in this issue and the others I have makes you feel like this could have been a movie, or tv series, it fits the story perfectly. It also has a very familiar sort of feel to it, although you may not have heard of Russ Leach, he and colourist Mike Summers make you feel at very at ease, and when I was reading it.
The whole issue made me feel like I was picking up a book that I had read numerous times before. Which is an amazing thing when you pick up a book that normally may not be something that you would read. which is an unusually feeling to get when you read a book for the first time, though it is a very welcome one. Awesome job all involved.


Personal note: This book is great, and I hope my words can help to generate interest in this story, because I really feel this would convince a lot of people to broaden their horizons and open their minds to comics outside of large publishing groups, because it really shows the passion the creators have for this medium, that may not get the breaks into the industry. Which means gems like this don’t always get the coverage they deserve. Also thanks to @ReadComicBooks for making this connection for me.

Please contact Larry Jarrell on Twitter, and also visit the official What The Flux Comics website.

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Titan one shot

Posted: 13/06/2012 in Review/Preview
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I was sent this comic a couple of weeks ago, after being contacted by Gary Seaward and also Glen Ludlow about their creation, and a possible review. Of course I said yes and they sent me the PDF. I then go on chatting with the guys and realise that this is not only a u.k creation but also published here in England too. I want to share this book with everyone, and hope that you contact them about getting a copy, because I want a print.


Titan begins with a narration from an anonymous character, telling of the greatest superhero of our country, and how he was bigger than the Beatles and before the Ali vs Cooper boxing match, everyone only came to see Titan, even the boxers. That is until we learn of the terrible things that Titan did, when involved in a government plot.

The narration of Titans story then brings us to Lonsdale island, and what is from what I can gather some sort of camp, where people with powers are put. They are referred to officially as enhanced war veterans, given enhanced capabilities to help win the war. When the war was over, the British government no longer wanted these people out in the community with civilians, so Lonsdale island was designated as a temporary residence for the people. So they were moved there and nothing happens for 20 years. The story continues with a documentary style of filming where Titan is the star and he is on the island to help ease tensions between the enhanced people and the soldiers given the task of removing them, which after 20 years, the people are not happy about being removed from the lives they have built.
Titan also is the muscle the soldiers use if the residents refuse to leave, which of course the camera gets turned off at them points. When it’s turned back on, we see the person being put in the back of a truck in handcuffs, a little roughed up perhaps.


Titan then goes about his business, showing the documentary crew around the island, playing the good guy roll, but being shunned by the residents of the island.
We then come to another person being forced from his home by the soldiers and captain Reynolds, the guy in charge of evicting the transapians from their homes, when Titan is required to step in. He tries to de-escalate the situation, only to find that it’s too far gone and the man goes on a rampage, and suffers the fatal consequences. At which point the mans son, Michael comes out, justifiably angry, and reaches for Titans gun, which brings Titan into action to save Michael from the shower of bullets the soldiers lay down, also while the camera still rolls.


Only Titan doesn’t realise what he has done, and the army bring down Our hero in a way that no man can recover, through the news and media, saying he has turned on the soldiers on the island, and has killed some. This obviously brings rumours to the surface, and Titan has an immediate fall from the good graces of the people, and is labeled a traitor.
This is where we cut back to the island, and Titan as he wakes up, in the home of the man he saved, and his son, but the tension of being forced to move still hasn’t lifted, and he wants our hero to leave. Only Titan has a plan to not only clear his name, but also to prove Michael’s father that died, was murdered.


Titan and Michael put their plan into action, while leaving Michael’s son Roger in the car, out of harms way. They make their way into the secure facility, and only then does mayhem break out, and the plan becomes a battle, and the story takes a couple of huge twists and turns which brings us to an office, in the present day. Where we discover the narrator of Titans story, as the story takes another twist to the ending, that until you read, I ain’t telling you.


This comic has really shocked me, the writer/co-creator Glen Ludlow has written a story that, although spanning many decades, and even include a couple of cameos, makes you want to carry on reading. It really makes you feel for the character of Titan, and the ordeal he goes through, and then the involvement of the other 2 main focuses of the story, Michael and Roger, and brings the story through the ages, making you want to know what happens next. The art by Gary Seaward is so good, and going to the different times throughout the last century, and the different contexts of the story, during the documentary filming, and bringing it to the present day, and all the times in between really shows that Gary has a great talent to adapt to the awesome writing from Glen. The two have created a story that would make me very happy to have Titan in my collection(Hint,Hint) and together they make a great team, and I for one can’t wait to see where the next project goes to. The book is also published by a uk publisher called Orbital Velocity.

Personal note: Gary and Glen, I very much enjoyed this glimpse inside the story of Titan, and I appreciate the chance to share this creation with the world, I only hope I can create interest. Thank you guys for letting me see this book

You can follow both Glen Ludlow and Gary Seaward on twitter, just click on the links throughout, if it’s highlighted, click it.

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Scam #1

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Scam is a book that came from nowhere really on a small creator owned publisher, called Comixtribe. Which at the time of its original release was only dealing with a micro distribution deal with a few select comic shops in the USA and Canada, but after making some big deals, they are finally getting worldwide release of their books, and I for one couldn’t be happier to finally get my hands on them.



So our story begins in Mesquite, Nevada, 2 years ago. We are thrown straight into a robbery taking place at a secure location, with a team of people who are all in different locations surrounding the building. They all have different jobs to do that are suited to their abilities, and as we go through a roll call of the characters involved we learn about the parts they play in the story.
We begin with Midas and Michelle, who are the guns on the roof, Doc who is the tech man, then to Pint and Marcus who are in the get away vehicle, and Hack and Tru are the men on the inside.
The job has its fair share of problems, but the team gets through it. That is until they make a discovery that will rock the situation to its very core, and brings the whole thing crashing down.


Which also brings to light that this is no ordinary group of people, but all have a super human ability in some form.
With the mayhem that is occurring around them, the guys all try to make it out of the building, and its surrounding area with their lives.


After the daring escape, the story brings us a little bit closer to current times, but not quite there, this brings us to one week ago. Doc is on a boat searching for an island, or more specifically the man who currently inhabits the island, Tru. The guys are sitting on a beach having a drink, while they plot the revenge against the people who set them up on their last big heist, and which of the team they can bring in to exact their revenge on every level they can to bring down the person that nearly killed all their friends.


After this encounter we arrive back at the current time, with Doc tied to a chair. Held in a basement somewhere, being interrogated for information. Of course he doesn’t want to give away details, which results in some pretty heavy questioning, with very violent consequences when they don’t get the info they need.


Then we come to a small bar in the middle of the desert. Where Doc and Tru are due to meet the rest of the team, to go over the plans. However they are both waylaid in different circumstances, and feelings are very hostile between the other members of the crew, and relationships begin to strain.


Which brings us to The Hotel Monarch, where we encounter Marcus, speaking with his secretary, and he is being particularly arrogant, and he goes off to a meeting after making sure his secretary is put back in her place.
Then we arrive at the airport, which brings Tru back to our story as he lands in Nevada. He encounters a few people who are sent to meet him,and bring him in to their boss. which of course doesn’t go to plan. As Tru finds a way to escape the situation he finds himself in, not only once, but twice, and eventually finds his way out of the airport, much to the dismay of his would be captures, and the man who sent them to collect him. Which isn’t the group we expect to be looking for him. The encounters in the airport were orchestrated by another group, which adds to the mystery that surrounds our main man, and why everyone seems to want to bring him in for their own purpose.


After all the madness, we get back to the bar, and the rest of the team as begin to put their plan together. They eventually get reunited with Tru, and they can begin on the journey of their next mission.


All this seems to go off without a problem, or so you would think, which leads to the sensational finale of the huge issue.


Issue #1 of scam is a huge double issue, that is absolutely the perfect introduction to this story. Joe Mulvey has without doubt has created one of the best stories you will read this year. Not only did he write it, he also did all the art too, that only adds to the feeling you get from reading this book. Which you can see the passion Joe put into it jumping off the page with every single panel. I think this book could quite easily have been a movie, and I will for sure be following this story when it comes out in August at all good comic shops.
I hope if you haven’t already been lucky enough to have this book in your collection, that you all go to your local comic shop and ask them to order it in (diamond order code: jun121002) because believe me you are not going to want to miss this.

On a personal note: Joe, I am very grateful to get a review copy of this book. I’m pretty sure you remember me pestering you all the time when it first released, and just so happy that you, and the Comixtribe team let me try to spread the word to a wider audience.

You can follow Joe Mulvey on twitter, and follow Comixtribe on Twitter, also on their official Website

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