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A Special #FF Guest Spot

Posted: 24/08/2012 in just talk
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Another guest spot this week from my very good friend Kyle. He is the twitter legend we all know, especially for his support of creator owned comics and underground creators. This guys passion for the comics industry is very well known, and to be honest this post i hope will get a lot of people noticed. I’m going to post this exactly as this man sent it to me, simply because I think its pretty awesome. Check it out:

FREElance Artist Shout Outs

By: @ComicsKyle

I like the thrill of the hunt

I sit at my computer with a hot cup of coffee and scope out tweets and art, all with the hope of finding that artist or writer that you may have never heard of. Checking out twitter feeds and blogs followed by as little as 5 people.

Kind of like a talent scout, except I’m scouting for myself, and I guess now for you too.

I like my creators to be free from the corporate mayhem that seems to always be backing some sort of agenda that will bring in; yes you guessed it, bigger bucks!


It just doesn’t feel natural when I read some of those books, where’s the love, yo?

A creator chasing dreams and bringing peace to their own soul by creating what they want and living with the decisions that they’ve made is where it’s at! The freelance artist is my celebrity.

I love Indie and naturally I want to preach the beauty of the Indie creator. That’s what’s inside of me and I tend to be a bit militant about the things I love.

So here are some artists that I think you’ll really enjoy. I myself personally vouch that you will not go wrong by following these awesome mofo’s! Trust me!


So here are some of my favorites that you may or may not be aware of.


Ricardo Venancio @PressV is a creator that I can’t stop talking about. One look at his site and it’s hard to understand how in the hell you’ve missed this talent.  I particularly love the way Ricardo sees things and his ability to put it on paper is really awe inspiring. Not seeing as in, “Oh see that chair, I can draw it really realistically…” But seeing! His interpretation of things is deep and beautiful.  Big BIG fan of @PressV!

Another gem you may not know about is Jesse Hamm. I spent some time going through this man’s work online and was completely floored. The fact that he’s not a household name makes me lose faith in all those big publishers out there. He has portraits that are realistic, and then he goes and rocks the comic style art while filling it with his style and swag. But just like a slap chop commercial that’s not all! This guy can cartoon with the best of them; had me laughing out loud more often than not. He’s both funny and witty. To take that sort of personality and the ability to blend it with his own vision and style is really inspiring to me. This dude is extremely gifted. His twitter handle is @jesse_hamm and this is his site

I really hope you’re clicking these links as you go. How the hell have these guys gone un-noticed?

You may have heard of Logan Faerber, you may have not. But somehow, he has fewer than 500 follows on twitter? Not enough people outside the industry know about this dude, which is criminal because he’s so awesome at what he does. This dude is working out of my home city and his art is overflowing with his style, and it’s a style so unique and in my opinion it’s very addictive. I’d love to see him take a major comic character and just run with it! @LoganFaerber is sooo awesome. Check his work out here  *NOW, before you do make sure you have a pillow under your chin because your jaw is going to hit the floor.

Next is a man named Andy Bloor. What I love about him is that he’s so incredibly versatile. His colors and the art that comes from hand is the kind that takes you to another place. Just like those Sunday morning cartoons fam! I’m going to follow this guy very closely and I think you will too after you check his site out. @AndyBloor ANDYMATION: The blog of Andy Bloor <- what an awesome blog name, am I right? I know I am.

I’m a big fan of Scott Kowalchuk too. His art is filled with good vibes and a very consistent style. He’s yet another guy whose name should be talked about constantly from the comic market. Check it! @skottkowalchuk

Last but not least is Andrew Maclean. I love this guy’s work… I find myself debating sometimes whether or not to tell him how awesome his work is because I want to do it on everything he posts. I want this guy creating, not jumping off a bridge because he’s got a fan saying “Awesome” or “Nice!!!” to everything he posts. Big BIG fan of this guy!!! Checkout his deviant art page here and follow him on Twitter right away @Andrew_MacLean

Now, I could list at least ten more creators/artists that I could wish for you to show some love too, but for now I want to let these guys shine.

I have sooo much love for the indie world and I really want to share the treasures I find. I would love to see these guys run wild with some big name characters and continue with their completely unrestrained creativity.

Maybe one day DC and Marvel will smarten up and start letting some of these guys run wild with their characters…

HEY!!! If you know your art you will have realized that most of these names are part of an elite group called Brand New Nostalgia. I’d be an ass if I didn’t throw them a shout out. Their Twitter handle is @B_NewNostalgia and the website ->

If you love art, then you need to be following these folks.


So that’s it until next time fam! Stay Happy and keep reading comics!”


I hope all of these people are getting the follows they deserve. I know some of them most people are unaware of, myself included. I’m clicking these links even as I’m posting this. I know Kyle would not give these people shout outs if they weren’t awesome. Everyone should also be following Kyle’s Blog on


Thanks Kyle for the awesome blog spot. I hope this is the first of many more to come, and maybe I can return the favour one day.


As ever please leave your comments, and get in touch with Kyle and me on twitter, you know we like to talk comics.