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Posted: 15/08/2012 in just talk
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Throughout the past few months, I have been picking up more comics than I ever did before. I used to only pick up a few books each month. I began to open my mind to publishers other than the big 2, and as we all know by now I’m all for the smaller comics companies putting out the best work. I then discovered Dynamite comics.


I slowly picked up a few of their comics, other than the odd issue I picked up randomly, I didn’t get too many. Then I discovered a pulp hero called “The Shadow” was about to relaunch with a new issue 1 and a new creative team which I got on the basis of the brilliant covers. I loved the story, and I realised that they had another pulp hero about to relaunch in much the same way. Needless to say “The Spider” was a smash for me personally. The writing and the art both played a huge part in this becoming a personal favourite of mine instantly, along with “The Shadow” they quickly became must-haves on my list every month.


This really made me notice Dynamite a lot more. They were putting out some awesome creations almost on a weekly basis. Started to make me think that I should be picking up some other book. Characters that I was unfamiliar with at first. Then another book called “Prophecy” which was a crossover of some of the most iconic franchises dynamite own. Vampirella, Red Sonja, Dracula, and Pantha. This only makes me want to read more of these characters.



With the upcoming releases of "Peter Cannon Thunderbolt" and "Damsels" they show no signs of slowing down on their mission to bring us some of the most amazing comic stories us comics fans will ever read. Many of these comics span many different times and many different parts of the world. From the vast middle earth style lands of sandpoint in "Pathfinder", to New York as we know it today in "The Spider", to globe trotting of the 1900's in "The Shadow" and just about everywhere in between. They really engage the reader in many different times and places that give you a great experience when reading their comics.


The writing in some of these books is brilliant. The art in these books and in particular some of the amazing covers provided, by some of the true legends in the industry, are on another level. With maybe 4 issues per book, you can make the decision which particular legend you are going to go for each week/month.



I promise you that if you take a chance on at least one Dynamite comic, you will see that most of the comics you enjoy each month come from them in no time.

  1. Another great one my Dynamite is Jennifer Blood. I have been loving this series from the start, and with Jennifer Blood: First Blood coming out soon, now would be a great time to jump on.

    Another great one to checkout would be Warlord of Mars.

    • jaybwebb says:

      I was very interested in Jennifer’s blood, I thought first blood would be a good place to jump on, and on your recommendation I will thank you!

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