The Mighty Titan

Posted: 22/07/2012 in just talk
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I first discovered Joe Martino’s work after being in contact with him about Shadowflame and Ripperman. I got the books digitally and I was always speaking to Joe regarding his next project. He was always very secretive about the next comic adventure, but he promised it was a very personal story to him. After seeing a few teasers of art creations and the title, he started slowly releasing things through both twitter and Facebook. Eventually after some time, and much excitement, the kickstarter project was revealed. “The Mighty Titan” needs your help. As many of you know I am a big supporter of creator owned comics and comics that may not get the coverage they want, and in most cases deserve. The official press release for “The Mighty Titan” read like this:
The Mighty Titan is on Kickstarter – JGM Comics releases its newest book for funding on crowd funding site. JGM Comics is trying something new. It is releasing its newest title on Kickstarter. Joe Martino’s new book The Mighty Titan takes Joe’s cancer experience and wraps it in a superhero shell. Writer/Creator Joe Martino said “The Mighty Titan is my newest creation that essentially takes my cancer (and other) experiences and wraps them in a superhero shell. This isn’t autobiographical. I have researched and talked to other cancer survivors to try and get the feeling of what other people have experienced.” JGM is using this as a pre-order engine for their new mini-series and has rewards that range from the First issue to original art from the book. You could even star in the book. The Mighty Titan is a 5 issue mini-series that boasts the talents of Luca Cicchitti, Cory Smith, Jeff Austin, Keith J. Betancourt and Johnny Lowe. Issue one has an amazing cover by Industry Legend Jerry Ordway and is colored by Danielle Alexis St Pierre. Please see the The Mighty Titan Kickstarter campaign at the following link; JGM Comics is a publisher of Shadowflame, Ripperman, John Orlando’s FHA-Q and New Age Tales of Alternate Adventures. They have been publishing on and off since 1996.

As you can read, this has a very personal story through out for Joe. This also brings you into the mindset slightly of the writer/creator as he tries to express his pain, and the pain of others, through his latest superhero creation. It is this that gives the story such a unique feel, because you know that the person writing it has actually felt these feelings. The book it’s self it’s still in development, with a massive group of very talented people putting art to Joes writing. Joe has been kind enough to give me a couple of exclusive pages. The first 2 pages of issue 1 inked look incredible, and even the sneak peak I got at 3-4 pencilled were amazing. I can tell the effort that is going into this comic is going to pay of, for us as fans, but also this could be JGM comics biggest release yet.

Here Are the exclusive pages 1 and 2 from issue 1, that I think you will agree they look pretty awesome.


I personally will be backing this comic in which ever ways I can, which includes my financial contribution. I really hope that all you guys can do the same. If you can’t back financially then at least share your interests with all your followers. With all our help, Joe can release “The Mighty Titan” into the comic book world we all love. I’m certain that you will regret not being part of this creation. Even if you are just sharing it with your friends so that they might see this incredible opportunity, then all support is appreciated (I speak on behalf of Joe of course, and if my article is your discovery of “The Mighty Titan” then I thank you on my behalf also)
I know all this sounds like I’m fishing for a job at JGM comics, or that I’m getting something in return, but that’s not the case. This truly is a kickstarter project that I personally want to help make it to funding. Not only for the fact that we all get an amazing comic book creation, but I know how personal this story is to Joe. I for one feel I would be upset with the fact that this project may not get the funding it needs through lack of knowledge about it. So consider this my plea, I want all of you reading this to back this comic project, with whatever you can. Even if you can’t put any money in, spread the word. Help get this comic book to the level it needs to be at, to be unleashed into the world.


I urge all of you people to visit this link and pledge your support to this amazing cause. To be honest once you check out the rewards alone, you will want to get involved, but read the page and you will get a small glimpse at how much this project means to Joe Martino.It truly is moving to read his words and you can almost feel the emotion he is putting into this project.

Please visit the kickstarter page by clicking HERE, also you can like The Mighty Titan on Facebook.

You can also speak to the man himself Joe Martino via his Twitter account, and feel free to ask him questions about stuff, he really is a very cool guy.

Please leave your comments, and also contact me via my twitter page, and please check out this project.



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