Wildboar chapter 1

Posted: 27/06/2012 in Review/Preview
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So I was approached via my blog by a guy asking if I would be interested in reviewing his comic, I emailed him and he send me a free download code for the PDF. The guys name was Thor Fjalarsson and he has created WildBoar, a comic that he has written and illustrated himself.



The opening panels to this book take us to an old warehouse, being used for some major criminal activity. Guns, drugs, and meetings with some very shady characters. We follow Hvid into a meeting with the head of the crime organisation, who used to do business with Hvid’s father. The following dialogue takes us in a small flashback scene of some violent, and quite questionable activity.


We then come back to the focus of the story, and talk of a job that the crime family want Hvid and his team to be a part of. Retrieving an artefact for them from a highly secure building. As if this wasn’t hard enough, there is another team involved, and they are going in for the same purpose. Only as the story progresses we learn that the opposition have been gathering intel from the same inside sources that were being paid off by the same people asking Hvid to do this job for him.
At this point we get a glimpse of a man, who seems to be posing as a market researcher, only we quickly learn that this isn’t the case, and this begins the intel for the heist.


We cut back to the meeting room, where mr. Grim hands another case file across the table, however this contains the identities of the other heist team, and the criminal mastermind adds to the colossal task already placed in the lap of Hvid. Asking him to take out the other heist team before they do any real damage to the job in hand.
Which brings us to another cutaway scene, which is the introduction of another 3 people who you can’t help but feel may be involved in the main focus of the story, Nikita, B, and Uli. They are waiting outside a bar, they have a conversation with a man from inside, who is working for them anyway. They make their way into the bar through an open side door in the ally. This leads to a very bloody and gruesome take down and the people inside fall victim to a hail of gunfire, and the team leave as calmly as they walked in.


This brings us back to the burning question that is being narrated throughout the story, will Hvid take the job? And which of his team will he use to get it done?


This story has surprised me, I didn’t quite know what to expect when I opened the book. The cover doesn’t really give a lot away. Honestly I’m so glad I got a chance to read this comic, Thor has written and illustrated this whole creation. The story carries a perfect narration through the criminal underworld and a meeting that you actually believe could happen, and also a brief insight into the characters personalties and their pasts. The art throughout this book adds to the dark and disturbing feeling you get from the story, almost as if you are actually involved in the meeting yourself. This chapter is a great introduction into the gritty world of criminal life. So not only does the creator have one of the coolest names ever, Thor, but is also a very talented man, and his passion for this genre really shines through the dark tone the story takes.

The book is available to buy from Drive Thru Comics by clicking on this link, and also from Graphicly by clicking on this link.
You can also check out Thor’s website for his company Gosi Graphics and follow him on twitter.

When you buy issue 1 of WildBoar, be safe in the knowledge that Thor is working on issue 2 for release later this year, while also working on another comic called “Dark Waves” with writer Arthur Gibson, so keep a look out for that too.

Personal note: Thor I was very pleasantly surprised by this book, you have done a great job with it, and I for sure will be following the progression of the story. I appreciate the chance to review you comic.

Please people leave your comments, and also let me know your thoughts via my own twitter page


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