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Posted: 19/06/2012 in just talk
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Just as small post, I was thinking earlier that at the moment, through all comics mediums this really is the best time to be a comics fan. Honestly I can’t remember a week that hasn’t included a new number one issue, or a new relaunch of an existing character. My obvious prime example for the relaunch, is Batman.
I have not been so into a story arc for a long time. I honestly think that Scott Snyder has made history, not only in batman but throughout the whole mythology surrounding the dark knight. Not too many writers in recent time have introduced an enemy into the batman villain hall of fame, as Snyder has with his court of owls. Not only that but the history altering revelations that have recently occurred during issue 10, no spoilers in case you have been living under a rock and haven’t read it yet, but another introduction into batman not only completely changes the game, but also adds another branch to the origins of the Wayne family that changes the way you think about Batman. Scott Snyder was made to write batman, may he carry on for a long time!


There has also been some completely new stories released, such as saga, and Americas got powers to name a few that are currently some of my favourites. The combinations of great art, and brilliant writing have made the current time, not only the most fun, but some of the most interesting. With all these current relaunched and new books being introduced comic book pull lists larger every single week, but also people are still picking up their previous books on top, with the release of spawn #220 and the impending release of the walking dead #100, the books that have always been a must for most of us are still keeping up with the new guys.


Not only are comics slowly becoming more and more popular, but they are now so much more influential across all other forms of entertainment. The walking dead tv shows, and even to a certain extent the big bang theory, on the small screen bring the geek culture to a much broader audience. To the current cinema release schedule looking more and more like a comic shop release list, and with excitement still brewing for the amazing spiderman movie, and of course the dark knight rises, and even there is a buzz beginning to occur for the new dredd movie. These are all bringing the stories we know and love to a much larger group of people, that maybe otherwise wouldn’t have known such stories without seeing them at the cinema.



So to sum up this time, right now, is the greatest time to be a comic book fan, the industry as it stands now, makes geeks like me and you the coolest people in the planet. This really is the time to introduce all your family and friends to the comics you love, because maybe they will be more interested than you think!


  1. Phoenix "Da Nerdette" Shanklin says:

    I love this post, Jay! Amazing insight on the comic book industry and its popularity from the flat pages to film. At the same time, I wish there were more successful female writers/artists in the game with successful comicbook properties.

    • jaybwebb says:

      Thanks very much, I think that there is more females making moves recently becky cloonan on batman and Fiona staples is a massive part of saga. Gail simone is awesome too, but there isn’t enough females in the industry, there is some amazing talents out in the world!

  2. Phoenix "Da Nerdette" Shanklin says:

    Btw, I forgot to mention, that yes, it is because of us “fans”, that such amazing stories like these are told. And, I am proud to be a comic fan. Nerds Unite!

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