Scam #1

Posted: 09/06/2012 in Review/Preview
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Scam is a book that came from nowhere really on a small creator owned publisher, called Comixtribe. Which at the time of its original release was only dealing with a micro distribution deal with a few select comic shops in the USA and Canada, but after making some big deals, they are finally getting worldwide release of their books, and I for one couldn’t be happier to finally get my hands on them.



So our story begins in Mesquite, Nevada, 2 years ago. We are thrown straight into a robbery taking place at a secure location, with a team of people who are all in different locations surrounding the building. They all have different jobs to do that are suited to their abilities, and as we go through a roll call of the characters involved we learn about the parts they play in the story.
We begin with Midas and Michelle, who are the guns on the roof, Doc who is the tech man, then to Pint and Marcus who are in the get away vehicle, and Hack and Tru are the men on the inside.
The job has its fair share of problems, but the team gets through it. That is until they make a discovery that will rock the situation to its very core, and brings the whole thing crashing down.


Which also brings to light that this is no ordinary group of people, but all have a super human ability in some form.
With the mayhem that is occurring around them, the guys all try to make it out of the building, and its surrounding area with their lives.


After the daring escape, the story brings us a little bit closer to current times, but not quite there, this brings us to one week ago. Doc is on a boat searching for an island, or more specifically the man who currently inhabits the island, Tru. The guys are sitting on a beach having a drink, while they plot the revenge against the people who set them up on their last big heist, and which of the team they can bring in to exact their revenge on every level they can to bring down the person that nearly killed all their friends.


After this encounter we arrive back at the current time, with Doc tied to a chair. Held in a basement somewhere, being interrogated for information. Of course he doesn’t want to give away details, which results in some pretty heavy questioning, with very violent consequences when they don’t get the info they need.


Then we come to a small bar in the middle of the desert. Where Doc and Tru are due to meet the rest of the team, to go over the plans. However they are both waylaid in different circumstances, and feelings are very hostile between the other members of the crew, and relationships begin to strain.


Which brings us to The Hotel Monarch, where we encounter Marcus, speaking with his secretary, and he is being particularly arrogant, and he goes off to a meeting after making sure his secretary is put back in her place.
Then we arrive at the airport, which brings Tru back to our story as he lands in Nevada. He encounters a few people who are sent to meet him,and bring him in to their boss. which of course doesn’t go to plan. As Tru finds a way to escape the situation he finds himself in, not only once, but twice, and eventually finds his way out of the airport, much to the dismay of his would be captures, and the man who sent them to collect him. Which isn’t the group we expect to be looking for him. The encounters in the airport were orchestrated by another group, which adds to the mystery that surrounds our main man, and why everyone seems to want to bring him in for their own purpose.


After all the madness, we get back to the bar, and the rest of the team as begin to put their plan together. They eventually get reunited with Tru, and they can begin on the journey of their next mission.


All this seems to go off without a problem, or so you would think, which leads to the sensational finale of the huge issue.


Issue #1 of scam is a huge double issue, that is absolutely the perfect introduction to this story. Joe Mulvey has without doubt has created one of the best stories you will read this year. Not only did he write it, he also did all the art too, that only adds to the feeling you get from reading this book. Which you can see the passion Joe put into it jumping off the page with every single panel. I think this book could quite easily have been a movie, and I will for sure be following this story when it comes out in August at all good comic shops.
I hope if you haven’t already been lucky enough to have this book in your collection, that you all go to your local comic shop and ask them to order it in (diamond order code: jun121002) because believe me you are not going to want to miss this.

On a personal note: Joe, I am very grateful to get a review copy of this book. I’m pretty sure you remember me pestering you all the time when it first released, and just so happy that you, and the Comixtribe team let me try to spread the word to a wider audience.

You can follow Joe Mulvey on twitter, and follow Comixtribe on Twitter, also on their official Website

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  1. Kevin Logue says:

    Sounds really good, intrigued. Lovely artwork too!! Well keep an eye out for!

  2. This looks terrific, especially for an indie book. The art looks very polished, and it seems to be quite well-written. Congrats to the creative team on their worldwide release.

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