All Hallows Eve

Posted: 04/06/2012 in Review/Preview
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I started following Rogue Paradigm on twitter after someone pointed out how cool the profile picture was, it was this


So of course I realise it is a comic cover, so I click the link to the Rogue Paradigm website and looked into their work, and also began talking to Trevor Luckman who is one of the main men over there, and he said they were starting a kickstarter project to fund this book “All Hallows Eve” and Trevor has been kind enough to send me the preview pages that they have so far, and I said I would do anything I can to help, so here is a preview of the work they are looking to put out into the comic book world, I for one am very intrigued by is project.
All Hallows Eve is a 6 issue mini-series, and will be collected in a 138 page graphic novel, the story is written by Ty Luckman, and has been adapted into comic form by Trevor Luckman, and with Dave Mils on illustration.
All Hallows Eve is a comibination of the story of six fables on halloweens night, this tale of horror spans the centuries, from pagan Ireland, to modern day united states, and over the six issues tells the story of Jack Hallow, a man plagued with famine, death, and murder which begins in pre-Christian Ireland, jack decides to bind his soul to satan, which results in him being damned to earth, collecting souls for the dark lord.

Throughout the series we come across many characters including a witch, a serial killing physician, and two sociopathic teenagers, these are just some of the people we meet on our journey throughout the centuries we cross, on the fateful night of all Hallows eve.

The pages I have to share with you guys show many original art pieces and a brief look at the characters and artwork that we can look forward to when we get to read this book in full.




This story has a really dark, creepy and somewhat disturbing feeling about it, like a horror story you were told as a kid when you went camping, that’s the feeling I got from seeing the few pages I read, and the art, although may not be viewed as conventional, only adds to the dark twisted feel of the story you are about to embark on.
As we know, recently we have all been following creator owned comics, and with the help of websites such as kickstarter, amount others, we can now be a part of these creations, and help to fund them, and personally I feel that this can only lead to great things because the books that we,as fans invest in only helps to keep the comic book industry alive, in more ways than one.
All Hallows Eve is one of the many books out there that I am very interested to read in full, and if you are interested in investing in this book then please click here, also you can contact the creators of “All Hallows Eve” on twitter and also like their Facebook page or you could visit the website and check out further previews of this book and the other projects they have

I want to thank Trevor Luckman for sending me the info for this preview, I just hope my words can convince people to invest in this project, I really do feel this could be a story that we won’t want to miss.

Please leave your comments people, and let me know what you think on my twitter page


  1. Kyle says:

    In love with the art in this comic

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