Black Scorpion one shot

Posted: 28/05/2012 in Review/Preview
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This review was sent to me by Stephen Downey the artist of black scorpion, they launched this weekend just gone at MCM expo in London and it is a sort of prologue for an upcoming story in their league of volunteers story, and black scorpion the farther of one of the team, and this is a story to show a bit of an introduction story of him and to show his adventures in world war 1 before we get into the main story of the league of volunteers, and is a unorthodox take on a hero story. The writer/creator of this book is Robert Curley and he takes the helm on all the upcoming stories, and this team is an irish team too, so they wanted to show a bit of patriotism and do an Irish hero story which to be honest I don’t think there is a lot of, and I really think it is done very well

Black Scorpion starts off in a battle, during the battle for messines ridge June 1917, and the art speaks volumes and no words are needed opening couple of pages, then we get to a character called tom, who is in the middle of the firefight and has a discussion with another soldier, about not wanting to go out into the battle any further than they have already and it would be suicide to do so, however he takes a massive hit, and before he blacks out, has a vision of a man in a mask

Then Tom wakes up in a hospital bed in a new regiment of the army away from the battle it seems, and he stumbles out into the open and a couple of characters playing cards and chatting away, and Tom walks over and joins in their conversation. Soon Tom shares his story about his vision before he blackout and woke up in the hospital bed, and it seems that he is not the only one who has a story about this mysterious character, and it seems that he too has a whole team of people with him

The 3 men go through their stories and all things seem to lead to Black Scorpion and his league of volunteers, and it seems that everyone around him has seen them.





This book is not a hero book in the strictest cape and superpowers sense, but really is up there with the better books I’ve read recently, I really like the whole feel of the art by Stephen (if you want more of his art here is his Website link) it really has a epic feel of the time frame of the story as if the book is from 1917, and really awesome. The writer/creator Robert Curley writes this story very well, and brings together an excellent preview of these characters for wherever he might go with the full story, and I am certainly very intrigued to see where this goes, and I’m pretty sure that after reading it you guys will too.
The book is published by Atomic Diner a small independent publisher based in Ireland and has all details on all the books that they have published. Please go and check them out, it is a small independent company and they publish comic books, you know I’ve been all about indie books recently and I am gonna follow this book when it’s released in July this year
If you would like to purchase the one shot I just reviewed then you can by clicking Here please check it out

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  1. Kyle says:

    Art looks great! Cant wait to read this.. Another great review Jay!

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