Revival #1

Posted: 21/05/2012 in Review/Preview
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So this right here is my first review from a major publisher, and I was asked by Tim Seeley (the books writer/creator) not to reveal to many interior pages, so this im gonna try to keep it bit shorter than my full reviews, just because I put quite a lot into them, and to be honest after reading this I think it is gonna be a huge hit for image comics, and that this could be the next big book to be released from them.

Revival begins in a field with an animal that I have never seen before, a zorse, which I was unfamiliar with, but it actually made me research them, which is drawn amazingly by mike norton


Then the story cuts to a road block and some dialogue between local p.d and the sheriff of the town, and they are talking about some sort of epidemic that has overtaken their town and they are trying to contain the problem, and not let it get out to the rest of the country!


After this conversation we cut to a home, in which we discover a local police officer, and what it seems is one of the main focuses of the story, Dana Cypress, as she gets ready for her day listening to a talk radio station, which is discussing the current situation going on in the local area. Dana gets ready and goes out and shouts her son Cooper, who is playing out in the snow with his action figures, when he comes across a mysterious figure walking from behind the tree’s where he is playing, which is very scary for the young man and this causes him to go running back to his mum, who is waiting for him.


(The character art might be a bit misleading to someone who hasn’t read the book, but that is exactly why I included it!)

Dana goes off to the police department, where she is approached by the sheriff which is also her father, and briefed on the situation, and told that she would be taking the lead on the investigation for the p.d task force dealing with crimes directly involving the people effected by the epidemic.
To which we cut to Dana taking off to a crime scene, but on the way she runs into a character who is another main focus of the story as it appears, her sister martha, she then gets into the police car and goes on the ride along to the crime scene, where she is told to wait in the car.

Dana goes to investigate the situation where she comes across an altercation between a couple of neighbours, which leads to the discovery of the death, which on closer inspection from Dana she discovers that both are wrong and they go into the barn to investigate further, where they come across an elderly lady who is in the corner facing away from the others and a small cat with a tooth in its mouth, and the floor is covered in them, which seems very odd, but then we continue to the old lady in the corner, who is now reciting some sort of scripture, and …….


This all leads to a whole crazy kind of fight scene, where the old lady takes to slashing at and trying to kill everyone in the barn with her


With all this going on, Martha runs to the aid of her sister, which leads to a HUGE finale to this issue which just makes me more and more sure that I am for certain going to be following this book


I really couldn’t possibly sum this book up without giving every thing away, the writing by Tim Seeley is very well done and leads to a very strong introduction to this series, and to all the characters that will be involved in this story and I’m certain after this comes out you will all be following this book from the very beginning. The art by Mike Norton is incredible, and fits the story very well, and pushes the book to a level that is very close to, if not already, perfect. Revival is out in July 11th on image comics, and as you may guess, I already have my order placed for both covers (inter comics is also going to be running a promotion when it comes out too, so contact him for more details) and please visit the Revival website to see more awesome stuff.

On a personal note I would like thank Tim Seeley for sending me this, and allowing me to review it as well, I really am honoured to be among the first people to read this and also give my thoughts too, and I am very grateful

Please tell me your comments people I really enjoy doing this and it’s great when people tell me if they like things or if they don’t


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