Clay County

Posted: 14/05/2012 in Review/Preview
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Hello people, I was sent this book by one of its creators Bruce Brown after Kyle sent him in my direction, and I got a message from Bruce and he sent me the PDF and I started read clay county, and to be honest I have never read anything like this sort of book before, but as I’m buying a more broad variety of comics now I really was excited to read it.


Our story begins in a bar that for lack of a better word is in the hillbilly territory of America, and a group of people that can only be described as very drunk, Bake and his crew, are all sitting around drinking and watching tv, which has a broadcast that is being played out regarding an alien takeover of the world looking for something, which of course our heroes don’t want to watch stuff like that, and also shows a figure approaching the bar


This person kicks in the door to the bar and introduces himself as “sergeant Coleman of the resistance” and that he needs to evacuate the location, to which he get laughing and handed a beer, but he is persistent and tries to encourage the hillbilly heroes to leave, and of course they don’t agree until ……


The aliens are looking for a fuel source called SF:92 which they located on earth and have come here trying to find it, and have taken over our planet and all its leaders in the process

After the destruction of their local watering hole the guys seek a safe place to hideout as the aliens spin back around and they come to Bake’s barn which is full of all sorts of weird and wonderful things, including the weapon the guys are going to use to take down the alien spaceships.


Which is to sergeant colemans surprise effective somewhat! The group then get more than they bargain for and an onslaught of alien ships and weapons


After the guys make an escape they devise a plan and send ol’ hot dog out to cause a distraction, which leads me to what I thinks one of my favourite pages and quotes in this book, maybe in all books, I’ll let you see it for yourselves

This really made me laugh out loud, and is I think the best quote I’ve seen in a comic book for a while. “son….never underestimate the power o’ naked” but however the distraction doesn’t end to good for our naked friend and he ends up on board one of the ships with his dog and that’s where they remain for a short time, while our guys go off to find a way to take down the aliens once and for all, they go off to the barn and come to a conclusion that was very unexpected, I wont reveal anything because I think you all should read it!

The guys then go and put their plan into action, which of course doesn’t go to plan and all of the group end up being captured, but after their escape from the alien ship, they realise that the aliens have taken all the beer, which doesn’t make our drunken group very happy and needless to say they go back out to get their ‘shine back, which results in a fight with the aliens, and the beginnings of our conclusion, which I am not gonna say anymore about, as I feel I might tell y’all to much!!!!




What can I say about this book, as I said before I was a bit skeptical bout this review as I never really read anything like this before, however this really has restored my faith in the fact that I should read more books that don’t just involve heroes in capes and cowls with super powers.

This book is is written by Bruce Brown and Chip Christell, it is written in a way that is so funny to read and the humor really stands out, I could only imagine the guys writing this wherever they were at the time and just laughing out loud, and it really come through in the script. Adam Mrozowski is on art, and on opening the first couple of pages the art seemed a bit unconventional in style, as in its not all perfect sharp,straight lines but after getting into the story you very quickly realise that it fits perfectly, and really is critical that it is drawn in this way

I truly enjoyed reading this book and I strongly recommend you all go and read it, you will not be disappointed, and please believe me when I say this, it’s very much one of my favourites of this year, thank you Bruce so much for giving me the opportunity to read this book, and share my views.

Please leave me your comments and share my review if you like it,


  1. The artwork on this is great!Have to check it out!

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