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So this is going to be my first review, but also a preview to you guys because I know there is only a couple of issues of Xenoglyphs out in the WORLD, I feel very lucky to get the chance to do this so early before actual release.

I actually won this issue as part of a twitter competition run by the creator Omar Spahi through his Xenoglyphs twitter page, which at the current time stands at more than 200,000 followers, which is an insane amount, almost as many followers as comic book legend Stan Lee and I was so excited to have one of the first copies ever!

Xenoglyphs follows the story of Steven James, a separator, who will do anything to stop the Xenoglyphs falling into the wrong hands, in this case “The Master Of Evil” Anubis
Which as you can see he wants them quite badly, and from the way he is drawn and the whole feel of this character, he is a terrifying man(wannabe god)
The opening couple of pages is a dialogue between a man who has been hired to find the Xenoglyph that is in Eygpt and the mysterious and quite scary Anubis.

We then cut to Steven and his friend Dom who are in Egypt searching for the Xenoglyph, at a museum that seems to be in the middle of some sort of political protest, but the guys go into the museum to recon for a way to get a certain artefact to help them recover the Xenoglyph they are looking for.

After our heroes are finished inside they walk out into the anarchy of the protest, where mayhem has broken out and things are being hurled, and Dom and Steven rush to help an injured person with the revelation that Steven already has a Xenoglyph and seems to use it for good in some way, however this doesn’t go down to well with the locals, and with cries of “Kill The Americans” fighting breaks loose and the guys make a dash for safety


This also brings in another new character, Jennifer, who only appears briefly but you get the hint that this is not going to be the last you see of her.

We then go into the mysterious back story of the Xenoglyphs and how they played a parts in history that isn’t seen by most people only the stories past down in legend from the gods to their separators

After some of the back story we come back to Steven and Dom as they continue on their current mission of obtaining the artefact they need to help them to get the Xenoglyph they are in search of until they come across a very inconvenient discovery!


The writing in this book is very well done and Omar has done an excellent job with the whole story and it is just enough to leave you wanted more and more without putting to much into the first issue and I can’t wait for everyone else to read it. Throughout this book the art is amazing, Peejay Catacutan has really put a lot into this art, and I know the trouble the Omar and Peejay go through to put this story together, and then the other members of the team, Steve wands who is the letterer and Jesus Contreras the editor, the whole team has done an incredible job, and I know that they have gone even further to let us read their story by self publishing, Ossm comics which is Omars publishing company.When reading this book you get the idea of a bigger picture that doesn’t just begin and end in comics. This will be an animated series too eventually and also trading card games, and action figures the list goes on, this has the potential to take off and be a worldwide hit through any medium!



There is only one criticism about this issue, and it is that I don’t have all of the others yet! I have included the links to all twitter feeds in this page (if something is highlighted click it) and please go and make sure you tell Omar and everyone at Xenoglyphs who sent you, and please visit the Xenoglyphs website for more info.

It’s finally out and you can go and buy XenoGlyphs and I think everyone should. Click this link.

On a personal note this is my first review so I am an amateur at this so please tell me what you all think, if I get a good response I’m pretty sure I’ll do more because I enjoyed this!!!!


  1. Kyle says:

    What a great story by Spahi.. I can’t wait for the world to catch on to Xenoglyphs. Great artwork too! Nice review Jay! It kicked hella ass.

    • jaybwebb says:

      Awesome man thanks that makes me feel bit better bout doing it, I wasn’t quite sure but as long as someone likes it! I tried to leave out spoilers I hope you didn’t find any!

  2. JLWChambers says:

    Nice work Jay, I like your review style. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff along side mine on Inter-Comics 😉

  3. JLWChambers says:

    Reblogged this on jlwchambers and commented:
    A friend of mine has also started doing comic book reviews and this is his first (an exclusive, no less)

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